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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: No-Brand Videos
  • Title: Kiss the Girl
  • Premiered: 1996-08-01
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    • Little Texas Kiss The Girl
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  • Comments: One day two of the members of No-Brand Videos went on a shopping trip to St. Louis and came back with a new CD- one of the members being a country music fan, he had picked up the "Best of Country sings the Best of Disney" CD that had just come out (at the time). Out of this purchase came the idea for a video that has gotten quite amusing reactions from almost everyone it has been shown to. The common sentiment usually is "That was really neat, but did you have to use that version of the song?". At least one of our friends has threatened to go back and replace the song with the version off the "Little Mermaid" OST.

    About the only fancy effects to speak of in this was the intro- the idea for the intro was kind of what started the whole thing off. We were able to borrow one of the school's SVHS video cameras and a knowledgable cameraman to film me playing the intro on the piano and then fading into the video. It was a lot of fun, and I at least think it worked quite well.

    With the Carrot/Donut now up and running, this video (albeit un-remastered, I'm still missing several series) is finally up and available for download. Please, leave an opinion and let me know what you think (even if you hate it - which I certainly hope you won't ;o;)

    The file up on the Donut is an MPEG-2 encode of the video- I cannot at present replace it with the MPEG1, so if you do not have the capability to play an MPEG2 file, I would recommend downloading the version off my web site, which is an MPEG1 encode. I apologize for any inconvenience.

    (Addendum: January 2004)

    After far too many delays, I have finally gotten around to remastering this video. The remastered video is available via the Direct and Indirect download links- for the time being (until it's easier for Phade to update files on the Donut) the old version will remain up on the Donut (Local link).

    There were a few problems in remastering it- namely, I no longer have the original raw footage for the live-action piano opening we used. We were stupid and didn't burn it off to CD with the finished video- the thought it might be needed down the line just didn't occur to us. So, I had to be a bit creative with that. ;) Also, though I do now have a line on it, I do not presently have a truly good quality copy of Combustible Campus Guardress for the short segment that uses it, but I did my best to clean up the footage so it doesn't look too entirely out of place. Enjoy!

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