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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: No-Brand Videos
  • Title: Love is on the Way
  • Premiered: 1997-08-08
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    • Saigon Kick Love Is On The Way
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  • Comments: This video was simply fated to happen given two of the three members of No-Brand Videos love affair with Urusei Yatsura. Saigon Kick's one-hit wonder song "Love is on the Way" seemed the perfect match for Lum and Ataru's perpetually 'on the way' relationship.

    I unfortunately have to admit- if you're not a fan of Urusei Yatsura, this video may well not appeal to you. Some of the imagery and such kind of begs the knowledge of what is going on in the scenes that we used (especially the scenes from "After You've Gone"). Still, I'm quite proud of this video, and hope that people will either be able to enjoy it in spite of this, or that it will inspire a new generation of anime fans to check out Urusei Yatsura.

    After long last, I finally have this video up and available for download. It unfortunately is a capture off our master VHS tape from a while back, but it is actually decent quality for what it is. There is a remaster planned, but it cannot be done until AnimEigo gets the UY Movie DVDs put out, as 3/4 of the footage comes from the movies.

    December 2005
    I finally have the sources to remaster this from DVD! I'm quite happy with how the remaster turned out, the DVD footage is far superior to the VHS, and it let me lose the cropping that was necessary for the subtitled VHS tapes. The remaster is as close to frame accurate with the original as I could get it, which means the editing is a bit sloppy and the cuts a bit hard, given I didn't really know how to do anything other than straight cuts when we made this video- it was during it that we learned to do frame holds and (accidentally) how to change the speed of footage. I'm considering do a 're-edit' of it using more modern techniques as something special for the 10th anniversary of my being involved in AMVs that's coming up next year (Summer of '06), but this was and is a straight remaster to bring the footage quality up to par.

    The remaster is an XviD file, as I have recently switched over to using it instead of the trusty MPEG1 I had for so long stuck with. Most computers should have the necessary codecs and power these days- if you have trouble playing it, email me and I will be happy to give you suggestions on how to view it (though if it's because you're using a 10-year-old computer, I'm afraid I won't be able to help much...).

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