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  • Member: p2njJJ
  • Title: Broly-71
  • Premiered: 2006-01-03
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    • SR-71 Goodbye
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  • Comments: ATTENTION! THIS VID IS NOT APPROPREATE FOR EPILEPSY SUFFERERS!This is one of my best AMVs yet, It's a tribute to Broly's two movies (prettending Bio Broly dosn't exist of course). I've been planning this vid for like two months but the AMV was always stuck in my head because i didn't have the footage, then King David (AKA kAzAmA GoTeN) told me about DBA's HQ clips, even though he told me about them a long time ago i could'nt dowload them because i had dial up but he reminded me of them so I downloaded their HQ clips for Movie 8 and 10 and started editing with Adobe Premiere which took about two days (because i worked in REALY long sittings). Now I didn't want this Vid to look completely like The Sayian Race Remake or Toushi so I made different edditing teqniqes like the blinking Invert at the guitar where Toushi And The Saiyan Race Remake Switch scenes. So I just edited what i thought out which made it much easier scince i hade a crystal clear idea of what i was doing escpecialy the beginning which was planned out pretty good, showing Broly and everyone who fought him, then showing him go legendary and how nobody could beat him as a Legendary Super Sayian. then came the slow parts which i enjoyed editing the most with all the lyric synch then came the first Goodbye verse which didn't ignore the symbol beats like Toushi and The Sayian Race Remake did at some points. Then another slow and goodbye verse Then my favorite part where it says "You think you see the world but you see nothing" and it shows the Gigantic Meteor and Kamehameha Collide But the Gigantic Meteor Has The world inside it. This is probably my best effect in all of my AMVs. Then comes the drum beats which are mainly Broly Ki Blasting which I did a pretty lazy job on and looks pretty dull untill Broly jumps in front of Goku and the invert blinks which turned out pretty good. Then come my favorite Part of the song which shows Broly's coolest scenes. Then another eyecatching part with gohan blating his Kamehameha and the Invert Blinks and at the slow base it shows Broly creating and throwing his tiny meteor but when it hits the Kamehameha, It's not that tiny anymore which realy went good on the beat. the next Verse is nothing special but at the 2nd "I won't forget..." It has drum beats instead of guitar so i used a cross zoom which worked out nicely then the end of the AMV scince the song was fast and exiteing so I put the end of the movies with Broly dying but there's still 7 seconds of the song left so what do I do? throw in Broly's last fight featured in Budikai 3, Broly VS Gogeta, no I wouldn't want DBA's webmaster to die so obviously he won (also compliments of DBA) Then i exported it, ran it through Xilisoft Video Converter and then it was done. I hope you all appreciate my hard work and ejoy this AMV. If you read this WHOLE thing thank you , and you win...a Broly-71 AMV. P.S. plz leave an OP.

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