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  • Member: Popndeth
  • Studio: Pop'ndeth
  • Title: Fresh Prince of Tokyo-3
  • Premiered: 2001-02-10
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    • Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme
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  • Comments: WWW.POPNKO.COM's [Formerly]

    Fresh Prince of Tokyo-3
    By Pop'n ( [Formerly]

    **UPDATE**: _Please_, watch this with the most reliable software you have and try to view it on the fastest computer you can find so you can truly appreciate the synch work that went into this. I implore you to not watch with with Real's players or with Quicktime's because you won't see the video for what it is...

    This won the Katsucon 007 contest in the comedy category.
    It should have won at ACen too, but was beaten by a worse video with a better idea behind it. ACen\'s videos were great, though...better than any other con to which I\'ve been, but the comedy and action sections were lacking.

    Used Premiere 5.1, Photoshop 6 (Almost all of the video\'s effects are done frame-by-frame in Photoshop because I didn\'t know After Effects until the last week of development), and After Effects 4. Hardware used was Dazzle DVC USB (suck) s-video from Eva DVD.

    An interesting aspect of this video is that footage is taken exclusively from the first four episodes of Eva (it\'s all that was out on DVD at the time) and mpegs of The End Of Eva.

    I realize that Eva is overdone, but the idea was too funny to pass up...anyway, enjoy it! There\'s a lot you might miss in the video, such as the last\'s the end of Wyclef Jean\'s \"It Doesn\'t Matter\" music video featuring the Rock, only Shinji\'s head is over the Rock\'s and Gendo\'s head is over the guy the Rock\'s beating up. Kinda esoteric, but still funny in my opinion. If I had to change anything with this video, I\'d completely redo the beginning- it\'s not funny soon enough.

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