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  • Member: Elithaire
  • Studio: Eminent Output Productions
  • Title: Power Surge
  • Premiered: 2006-02-24
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  • Song:
    • Pillar Fireproof
  • Anime:
  • Comments: NOTE!!!: This is now the REMASTERED version (not remake) - it is in Xvid mpeg4 format (I swapped the remastered with the 1st version so I could get my stats back.)

    (Do not be fooled by the intro - it is still the lower quality from the previous version due to a loss of the original Vegas file.)

    Quick description:

    If you're a Bleach fan (particularily an Ichigo fan) I think you'll Love this.

    This video took aproximately 50 hours to create
    Clipping: VirtualDubMod
    Editing:Vegas 4.0 (all effects were done in vegas, aside from some cropping done in Photoshop)
    Encoding: TMPGEnc Xpress 3.0

    This video is fast, action packed, and pretty intense. It's got that great raw energy that is so prevalent in the show.
    I spent a lot of time working with layers and effects, cropping, gradient maps, chroma keying, and of course Timing. (note - there are no subtitles in my AMVs) This video is much more technically advanced in comparison to my last (Where I Belong) Like usual - it took more time to crop the episodes than polish it, but great attention was paid to each and every clip - brightness/contrast and cropping on every single clip.

    The basic plan for this video was to follow Ichigo through the course of three main battles in his quest to rescue Rukia.

    Intro: show main characters
    Verse1: earth activity
    chorus1: Renji battle
    bridge: more character introduction
    Verse2: increase in power/training
    chorus2: Kenpachi battle
    long bridge: more character intro/ battle clips
    chorus3+4: hellbird/ Byakuya fight
    outro: happy ending ^_^

    It's only my second vid, but many say it's at the same level as many peoples' 30th or so. So enjoy, and I recommend you watch a few times (maybe even in slowmo) cuz even though some videos trail off at the end this one just picks up momentum the furthur it goes (so many clips are easily missed)


    Note: this video contains portions of episodes up to ep59 but I have dared to say that it does not contain spoilers for a few reasons. Technically any AMV can be a spoiler for anyone who's never seen the show - but this AMV does not reveal clearly the outcome of any particular events (that could not easily be guessed w/out seeing a single ep), also this AMV does not even touch on the major plot twist concerning what's Really going on in Soul Society.


    Here's a chance to show you how I feel
    A chance for you to see it's real
    To see just what I feel inside and who it is that's by my side
    I will never change my mind
    Try to torch me and you'll find
    You can't turn me or deter me
    No matter how you try
    You can't burn me

    I know where I stand and what'll happen if you try it
    I know my heart and I just can't deny it
    I tried to tell you but you wouldn't be quiet
    I'll never bow down and you won't buy it

    Now you know what I'm all about
    There's no chance I'll ever doubt
    The only one who can control me
    I extol the Almighty
    You want me to put it on the line
    And give yield to you this time
    See but I won't compromise and I realize
    It's my time to rise


    You'll never take me in the fire
    You'll never take my own desire

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