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  • Member: NeoGohan
  • Title: Yet Another DBZ Video
  • Premiered: 2002-09-07
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    • Reveille What You Got
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  • Comments: Yes. More DBZ. I know you're all SO very ecstatic.....

    At least its not Linkin Park, though.. right?

    Oh well, on to the descrioption and all:

    This is the first video Ive completed in over a year. Its fun to be editing again. I made this video on somewhat of a whim. Majin Mebs of Majin Planet told me that he was starting Fight Club back up. I wanted to enter, but I realized how old all of my videos were. I then began work on this video which I had been planning for a long time but never had the drive to do.
    Its basically just an action-filled feel-good video. Theres no deep meaning (though I tried my best to match the lyrics), and it won't leave you with a new definition of life, but hopefully you'll have fun watching it.

    This was also my first time seriously using Adobe Premiere 6.0. I had dismissed it before because it was too clunky and I hated how Video Effects were done. Well, it seems 6.0 plays the DivX AVIs that I had been unable to edit with before. I was ecstatic. Not only did this allow me to work on this DBZ video, but also another video *cough*hentai*cough*.

    As I said before, this isn't a meaningful video. It's just a fun-to-watch video (hopefully). Enjoy! ;]

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