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  • Member: Xarathion
  • Title: Armored Core: Destiny
  • Premiered: 2006-02-19
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    • Armored Core: Nexus Soundtrack Trailer Music and Sound
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  • Comments: This is my first AMV I've submitted to Actually, it's the first AMV I've gone through all the way and completed.

    I couldn't decide on a song, so I was going through all my old media folders when I came across a trailer to the PS2 game Armored Core: Nexus. It looked cool, and the music wasn't bad. So I took my current favorite Gundam series, SEED Destiny, and set out to emulate the trailer scene by scene, sound by sound.

    The scene thing didn't quite work out. As such, the AMV doesn't have much of a story, just action that is sync'd to the sound effects and music of the trailer. I pulled all the scenes from 4 specific episodes, so it's not THAT bad of a random action flick.

    I didn't get too artsy-sparkly in this one...mostly just straight cuts with a few transitions here and there. Used Vegas 6.0 to make it. Took about a week and a half, but of course a lot of that time was just watching the series over again looking for scenes to use. >_< I did my best to stay away from such, no pilots are shown, so you don't know who's piloting the suits if you haven't seen the series.

    Do a Google search for Armored Core: Nexus trailer if you want to see the original and compare it.

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