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  • Member: lady_subaru
  • Title: You don't care a bit
  • Premiered: 2006-02-19
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    • Imogen Heap Hide and Seek
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  • Comments: Oh, well. This is a STRANGE AMV.
    First of all, the song I used is, without any doubt, a particular one, but I love it.
    And, then, the meaning of the AMV is very strange.
    I wanted to make an AMV for Subaru's birthday (February the 19th), and I was looking for a "Subaru's" song. I've changed idea a lot of time, but I I finally found Hide and Seek, and the bittersweet irony of the song suggestes me that, sometimes, our beautiful onmyiouji could have thought something bad not just about his loved-hated Seishirou but also about his beloved twin sister, our brave Hokuto-chan.
    Why Subaru should have some rancoir and anger for his dear sister? I've thought that Hokuto-chan and Seishirou have, in some way, decided about Subaru's feelings and destiny, without really caring about his real wishes. Ok, ok, Hokuto-chan decided to die for her brother's safe, but in this way she made him face his world alone, although she knew she was the most important person to Subaru... So the line saying "Hmm, what you say? Hmm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did" is ok for our poor Subaru.
    I've decided to end the video with the last conversation between Hokuto-chan and Seishirou 'cause, as Hokuto-chan's words, she was selfish (just like Seishirou).
    I'm sorry for so a bad Hokuto-chan (it's also HER birthday, after all).

    Oh, just a note. The line saying "What did she say?" is a "What did he say?" u__"

    Well, here the amv... Hoping I haven't written too much shit with my ugly english.

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