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  • Member: FastNico
  • Title: Ring of a Tragic Love
  • Premiered: 2006-02-19
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    • Yann Tiersen Summer78
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  • Comments: My 2nd amv!

    I would like to do one with few effects in contrary to my first which have too effects not all well-used according to french friends which are competent I think! :)

    So This amv is not an action one, or multi-effects one, it just a simple amv to begin in the movie creating with a simple one.
    I'm keen on the music I used after seeing the film "Good Bye Lenine" (which is not so good yet) but the music is a nice instrumental music, so it was perfect to calm my effect frenesy hi hi!!
    The anime if you do not know it, you must seen it, a nice sentimental anime "Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien" which i have appreciated a lot!

    Ah this amv is a great spoiler i think i would like to make a storyline but my storyline is too a storyline, so it spoils a lot but not all!
    This is only my 2nd so I have worked based on fansubs sources so the quality is good but it could be better with a dvd source, for next time perhaps!

    Ah yes, i will forget, the last 30 seconds!! I have allowed myself to create some new effects, so it is very fun the 30 last second. I higlight in this 30 second what you have in the end of an episode, the trailer which is presented in this anime by two funny and crazy girls eh eh, they have made me laugh several times!

    So....that's all, ah and also a Wallpaper in the end for one who could recognize himself! :) (I have an elephant memory SoH)

    Good Visionning (ahhh euhhh non c'est pas ca) so better and easier, Good Amv!


    Presented to MangAzur Convention 2006 May
    ---->Rank 7th

    Presented to Epitanime 2006 (27th of May) Amateur challenge (there was also a Pro Challenge)
    -->Rank 1st.....

    I'm glad, i'm glad, i was so astonished of my winning but I like it hihi!

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