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  • Member: RutKiskasca
  • Studio: Kiskasca Productions
  • Title: Girls
  • Premiered: 2006-02-17
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    • Prodigy More Girls
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  • Comments: This is the third video that I have done since being deployed to Iraq. I have obviously figured out how to be a lot quicker about editing. I don't get much time to sit around and play with videos any more, and I think that this actually has resulted in an improvement, as far as the pre-production process goes. I used to clip out the entire source into useable segments, and then pick and choose from a huge collection of clips. Now, I spend more time in the conceptual phase, daydreaming about the video and storyboarding it in my mind, and the editing process has mostly been spent achieving what I have already envisioned.

    I like editing this way a lot better.

    I wanted to make a Gunslinger Girl video ever since finishing the series, but I ended up using almost entirely footage from the first disk. For audio source, I have listened to so much electronica, techno, and other raver stuff for months. I was inspired by Niotex, among others, to delve into the techno realm a bit more. Frankly, I didn't think the AMV community was ready for ANOTHER Hungarian Techno video...even though my wife sent me the latest MC Hawer es Tekkno CD this month. I have a pretty picky taste in techno, being a drummer. Techno is sort of against my religion. The more it sounds like a drum machine, the less I can usually tolerate. I know there will be people that will scream at me that Prodigy isn't techno, it's industrial. Well, when I think of industrial, I think of Nitzer Ebb, Einsturzende Neubauten, NIN, etc. When I think of Prodigy, I think of I guess that makes me a retard.

    This is the first video that I have made entirely with my new, legal, registered, and incredibly expensive Adobe Video Collection Pro. Rest assured that my next video will be a sentimental video, full of long cuts and practically devoid of effects....I promise.

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