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  • Member: Fall_Child42
  • Studio: 82Ideas
  • Title: Panda Punk!
  • Premiered: 2006-02-16
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  • Songs:
    • PeelanderZ Champion
    • PeelanderZ Panda Punk
    • PeelanderZ S.T.E.A.K.
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  • Comments: how to play the video? If you have VLC player, you should be to play the video (if it wont play download the latest version and it should work fine). if you do not wish to get VLC then you will need the Matroska Full Pack... this includes all the filters needed to play the video (i think). I suggest you play the video in something other then Windows Media Player or Winamp. I tested the video in both VLC and Media Player Classic. Works perfectly.

    (thanks Pwolf)
    And Now on to the actual Video.

    Well I at first made this video as a quickie project to try out action synching techniques and Bar effects (inspired by decoy) I chose Panda Z because I got roped into buying it before I knew the DVD was in total 20 minutes long so I figured I'd make the best of it and create a Panda Z music video. Well Panda Z actually is a fairly funny series, and I'm actually enjoying it despite it's tiny size.

    Well A crazy panda anime needs a crazy panda song and i stumbled on to this Japanese punk rock group named Peelander Z with their song Panda Punk, these guys are awesome.

    I got my anime and music, Panda Z, Peelander Z (coincidence? I think not.) now all i need is to make the video aspect, which I was planning to do in a weekend or two. but things like essays and exams halted my progress, DAMN YOU ADAM SMITH YOUR INVISIBLE HAND IS PREVENTING ME FROM ENJOYING MY HOBBY! so this video took much longer than expected.

    So I finished the video and am finally able (Thanks to Zero1) able to ditch XviD and learn the far superior h.264 I had fun learning about that but it added even more time to me releasing these pandas.

    but here they are now, kung-fuing it up so Enjoy!

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