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  • Member: Sephiroth
  • Title: MONTAGE
  • Premiered: 2006-02-14
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    • Team America: World Police Montage
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  • Comments: Well here is my first stab for 2006, after my masters video. I have been slowly getting back into the grove of doing AMVs again.

    This video is kind of a return to basics in many ways. While most videos ive delt with involved complicated exstrapilations of footage to try to create a narative out of a pre conceived one. Now it just goes for exactly what it is. I have finally broken my non touching of the Eva Tv series fora video something i worked on delaying as much as possible due to the absurd influx of Eva AMVs.

    This would pretty much be called yet another anti video, a video being made for the exspresspurpose of making fun of those kinds of videos that people just keep making. So when team america came out and i heard the song montage,which in itself is a parody of the classic training montage in every action movie. So i myself took the most cliche montage in all of AMVs the Shinji Asuka training scene from dance like you want to win and basicly show it off for what it is in the comunity.

    I didn't start of thinking about it but ultimetly the video had to me made as a focus on Asuka since she is the focus of the episode in question.

    What this video does manage to do that i have not done before is to take a single episode of a tv series and turn it into an AMV. So my choices were very limeted in my scene selection, then again limets do make you more creative. So in that reguard i have still manage to do what i do in every video, something that i havent before.

    Overall this video came out well. I enjoy watching it and hte timing is good something that is important in comedy.

    So sit back and enjoy this vid.

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