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  • Member: Minhuit
  • Studio: M&M
  • Title: Diary of a Madman
  • Premiered: 2006-02-12
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    • Ozzy Osbourne Diary of a Madman
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  • Comments: I have had this idea for about a year and a half now, just didnt know if I could do it. But now that I have Im very pleased.
    I first heard the song when a friend played Ozzy on his stereo and imediatly I thought of Kenshin.

    The video is rather long but filled with things that will keep you watching, so dont be intimidated by the size or length.

    I used the best quality footage and audio I could get my hands on, plus no subtitles!

    The video is from Kenshin's point of view, so read on for more information on what I was aiming for by using the clips I choose to represent how he is feeling. Enjoy.

    Here are the lyrics to Diary of a Madman and my breakdown and reason for the clips set to the lyrics:

    Instrumentals: 00:00 - 00:50 ; I showed clips from his life as he called himself a battousai

    (In this little section v, I started to show how Kenshin was torn between fighting his emotions for Tomoe and doing his duty.)

    Screaming at the window
    Watch me die another day
    Hopeless situation - When I watched the anime I got the feeling someone was going to die and so used the clip.
    Endless price I have to pay - Kenshin fought and to me he seemed like he would have given up his life.

    Sanity now it's beyond me - Here I showed Tomoe, in the clip she is troubled and looks as if she is going crazy
    There's no choice - Kenshin has no choice but to keep moving and fighting, I used a clip that shows him pushing forwards.

    Diary of a madman - When Kenshin found Tomoe's diary he was very lost emotionally
    Walk the line again today - Tomoe walking the path that later Kenshin would have to walk
    Entries of confusion - Kenshin looks very confused as he follows
    Dear diary, I'm here to stay

    Manic depression befriends me
    Hear his voice - The clip is of battousai, hear HIS voice
    Sanity now it's beyond me - Kenshin killing people, seeming to be emotionless
    There's no choice - He is visiting Tomoe's grave

    Instrumentals: 2:08 - 2:29 - Showed how he burned his house and left everything behind
    Instrumentals: 2:30 - 2:56 - How Kenshin meets and feels sympathy for this woman whom saw him kill and yet he let her live.

    A sickened mind and spirit - The night Kenshin brought Tomoe to the inn and was having doubts about letting her live
    The mirror tells me lies - Kenshin during his later years(Kaoru) surrounded by blood
    Could I mistake myself for someone
    Who lives behind my eyes? - Behind his eyes, which would be the manslayer
    Will he escape my soul - Several times in the series his battousai self as escaped
    Or will he live in me?
    Is he trying to get out
    Or trying to enter me?

    Instrumentals: 3:42 - 4:36 - Using the Seitoh and Kenshin fight I displayed how Kenshin changing state of minds back to his killing days can effect those around him. Thus addking Kaoru crying and calling out for Kenshin to return to normal.

    Voices in the darkness - Kenshin walking as he is hullicination and Tomoe's ghostly figure following behind.
    Scream away my mental health - The memories and the heavy burden of being a killer is slowly getting to him
    Can I ask a question
    To help me save me from myself? - The burning branch symbolizes Kenshin's life is going up in flames

    Enemies fill up the pages - Tomoe's writing about how she has to avenge her fiancee by killing his killer
    Are they me - In killing her fiancee ^, he begins to think he might be the actual enemy, the one who caused all this pain and grief.

    (5:17 - 6:12 - Clips from when Kenshin and Tomoe spent their lives together.)
    Monday 'till Sunday in stages
    Set me free

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