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  • Member: angelx03
  • Title: AMValentine Track Segment - A Night with Shana
  • Premiered: 2006-02-12
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  • Song:
    • Thievery Corporation (feat. Lou Lou) Un Simple Historie
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  • Comments: It's official! Shakugan no Shana has released the inner lolicon within me. ;_;

    The video is mostly an exaggeration of a scene where Shana is changing clothes to her undies. Hell, I had this type of intimate, psuedo-sexual romance concept in my mind, but I couldn't get myself to do the video. Luckily, opportunity striked when jubjub2 announced that there's going to be a Valentine-themed multi-editor project where the participants has to do a short romance video. I figured joining this project and doing this type of segment would bring some interesting flavor to the whole thing.

    The editing of this video wasn't too bad, and I figured out how to perform those black flashes on WMM. I had so much ideas in terms of execution for how to go about this. But unfortunetely, schoolwork really took a toll on me, and once the deadline came closer, I had to resort to my usual style which is to make it text-based. The video came out more decently than I thought it would though I'm a little worried if anyone is going to be confused in the end.

    Nonetheless, I thank jubjub2 for allowing me to enter into the AMValentine Project. You can watch the entire project here. I do plan on releasing my segment seperately with added bumpers.

    Time spent: 4 weeks
    Software and programs used:
    Windows Movie Maker 2.1
    Audacity 1.2.3
    Gimp 2.2
    EO Video 1.36

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