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  • Member: blaku92
  • Studio: Blaku Keendai Productions
  • Title: When Dildos Attack part 1
  • Premiered: 2006-02-09
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    • Blaku Keendai and Friends When Dildos Attack part 1
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  • Comments: This isn't the first dubbing project Blaku Keendai Productions has made--it's just the first to be uploaded on It features the first Broly movie from the Dragon Ball Z series. Voices are as follows:

    Krivin Dontanai = Goku, Broly's father
    Ben Fifer = Gohan, Oolong, yoda alien
    Bob = narrator 1, master roshi, young alien
    Robbie Hill = Bulma, TRUNKS
    Kris Scott = Krillin
    Blaku Keendai = Narrator 2, Vegeta, king kai, Weed squad member

    This video is kinda perverted, but it is way funnier than most things i've seen so far. I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR THIS VIDEO.

    --also, there will be more to come from this little mini series. Broly doesn't really know who he is in this video??? you figure it out.

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