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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: Personal Jesus
  • Premiered: 2006-02-08
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    • Depeche Mode Personal Jesus
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  • Comments: Made with Windows Movie Maker.

    This video's a Jesus tribute! Yay! A video just for the savoir! Probably done before, but I couldn't resist! I did a video for Yahweh God, so I had to be fair and make Jesus a vid! So...if you don't like it...TOO BAD!!!! Just kidding, but I really hope you enjoy it. Keep in mind that this is made with cruddy Windows Movie Maker.

    Also, it gave me this error and I had to delete some clips and add some and it also misplaced a lot of the clips that I had timed perfectly, so it was a lot of work just cleaning it up. If some parts seem random, that's why. Oh, and there's a lot of guitar playing in this vid. Yay? I guess...

    I like it because it's for Jesus, but otherwise I'm not entirely sure if I would be satified with it if it weren't. People might actually get bored of the guitar parts even though I fixed them to sync. Oh well. Feh. Try again for next time I guess. I actually don't like how I did the end credit song but I really didn't feel like screwing up the video even more than it already was.

    And...I'm not trying to do the TV evangalist thing. My main problem was that I was too concerned about matching with the lyrics, and I'm sorry if you think the song sucks.

    I might delete this actually, 'cause it's not all that good...

    Quick Comments:

    2006-07-09 17:54:40 I won't comment on this video. You should feel my hostility towards using a song that is totally NOT about Jesus and adding the depictions every time the name comes up. U-U
    nice try. Appreciate the idea of doing a video for Jesus

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