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  • Member: Szwagier
  • Studio: Szwagier Productions
  • Title: Stray
  • Premiered: 2006-02-07
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    • David Bowie Nature Boy
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  • Comments: WARNING!. The video and the comments contain spoilers. If you didn't watch the oavs, be warned ;]
    Ok my new vid is finished at last ;] From the moment i get the idea to the last render passed 5 months (though i often didn't have time and had to leave the project for some time - like for 2 months in December :P ). This video is about Kenshin, looking for something or someone that would fill his assasin life with a bit of peace and happiness. But when he finds it at last, he can't keep, the fate shows him his wrongdoings in really cruel way. So yeah, it's about the Kenshin first oav main plot - love between Kenshin and Tomoe ^^'. As always in my amvs everything started from the song. I heard it long time ago, and know that i have to do something to this music. Then after some time i thought about doing it to Rurouni Kenshin OAV. The idea growed, I started planning things and at least I sat down and started the editing. The title came to me, just a few days ago. I couln't find anything that would fit this amv, and then I listened to Steve's Conte "Stray". The refren struck me - "Stray! No regret cause i've got nothing to loose". And then i know the stray would fit the title perfectly ;]. From the technical aspects I tried to make this video slow, and with almost no effects. The most annoying part to edit were Tomoe masks, especially the ones on her hair... But all in all editing was really fun ;] So what can i write more - enjoy ;]

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