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  • Member: jubjub2
  • Studio: JubJub2
  • Title: My Fair.... Lady?
  • Premiered: 2006-02-21
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    • Character Profile
    • Comedy
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    • Parody
  • Songs:
    • My Fair Lady Soundtrack (1956 London Cast) Overture
    • My Fair Lady Soundtrack (1956 London Cast) Rex Harrison - A Hymn to Him
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  • Participation:
    • Anime Detour, Anime Detour AMV Contest (2006-03-25)
    • Tekkoshocon, AMV Contest (2006-04-01)
    • Animazement, 2006 Music Video Contest (2006-05-26)
    • Fanime Con 2006, Fanime Con 2006 AMV Contest (2006-05-27)
    • PortConMaine 2006, Anime Music Video Contest (2006-07-01)
  • Comments: I haven't watched 'My Fair Lady' in quite a while. I love that movie... all 3 hours of it.

    The last time I sat down to see it, I had one of those moments where you hear a song, and clips start popping into your head that would work with it. I at first wanted to do an entire AMV with just the ladies in anime that pose as men for some reason or another, and some of them are in here. If you aren't familiar with the animes, you might not be able to pick them out. heh heh heh

    Then I listened to the lyrics more, and Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi, most of the Fruits Basket characters as well as Kyou Kara Maou started to creep into the idea. Now it's just a melee of different characters being women or being men... Or in Ranma's case, being both.

    Professor Higgins is played here by William Jounes from 'Victorian Romance Emma', and Pickering is played by William's friend, Prince Hakim. Who better to cast than characters from an anime set in Victorian England?

    So, enjoy! I had a lot of fun putting this together - and Pickering makes me giggle.

    Best Comedy - Anime Detour 2006
    Best Editing - Nebraskon 2006

    Premiere 6.5

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