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  • Member: OmniStrata
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: Love is All that They Need
  • Premiered: 2002-09-02
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    • DJ Samma and Yanou Featuring Do Heaven
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  • Comments: Time: Under 25 hours.
    Software: Adobe Premiere 6.0, Virtualdub + Logoaway (^_^)
    Hardware: Problem Slayer!

    New tweak: Thanks to some of the guides, I managed to clean up a majority of the pixellation AND lower the filesize. I've got to remember to utilize the "smoother" filter more often along with "blur more". Great stuff!

    A friend of mine who just retired (AV Zeiram). He actually did a project file in Premiere where I filled the holes but he never actually "finished" the video. It was an Ah My Goddess Movie video too! That idiot. Anyways, in truth, I would have made this video into an "Ah My Goddess" video if I had the footage to do so. According to most though, it was a good thing I didn't since that would have been too easy/predictable.

    Minor problems I ran into:
    Footage shortage and change in plot/execution during development. Neither of which can affect this video drastically since it's a fun-romance video and is for sheer smiles only... ^_^

    Main Description: Another FX Fest from me. Those of you who didn't like the "Softcore" nature of Gimme the Beat may consider this as a more "bikinish" alternative. Chobits is quite full of fanservice and this video does its best to showcase it.

    My technique for applying special fx to this vid is quite different from what I've done before. New stuff I'm trying. "Revelation Break" is used a bit in this combining different shapes and "slashing" the screen into halves. "Revelation Genesis" is also another effect which is technically the inverse of the former.

    This video takes me back to my original "style" of fast editing and timing and adds a new spin on things. There aren't any major spoilers in the video, but you may find yourself giggling profusely at some of the stuff I've implemented.

    Technically, this is a "fun-fun" video which will appeal to those who loved Chobits' awkward plot and to those who like fanservice, well, check it out!

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