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  • Member: AmPsy
  • Studio: Ex Anima
  • Title: Losing Me
  • Premiered: 2006-02-02
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  • Song:
    • Kenna Hell Bent
  • Anime:
  • Comments: While channel surfing one afternoon in the winter of 2001, I happened to stop on MTV. As I watched, they showed the video "Hell Bent" from Kenna, who was an artist I had never heard of.

    I loved the video, and was struck with a sudden urge to create a video using "Hell Bent" with an anime I had just finished watching; (fansub download, I now own the series) Cowboy Bebop. It's difficult to explain, but it seemed "snap in" or fit well to me at the time. Thus, on the 26th of November 2001, the first version of "Losing Me" was created.

    Back then, however, I knew nothing of (if it existed then), or of any other way to share my video with others.

    So, here it is years later (I joined the Marine Corps and had been stationed in Okinawa Japan for a year and deployed to Iraq for a year and separated in the period between) and I decided that if I was going to share my video, it would have to look a bit better.

    I know that by now, Cowboy Bebop AMVs are a little more than common, but I hope you enjoy it none the less.

    Submitted for your approval, I humbly present you with the latest version of "Losing Me".

    I'm drinking the party remnants of a bottle of Hennessy mixed in a rather large glass with Coca-Cola Zero (unorthodox, I know), so if there are any typos, I'm going to tactfully blame it on my BAL.

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