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  • Member: PKGINGO
  • Title: Please Don't Go
  • Premiered: 2005-12-25
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    • Tess The Second You Sleep (I watch you fade away)
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  • Comments: This was a Christmas present for my sweety, Alex. I heard this song on the Best of Trance 5 CD and I absolutely had to do a video to it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, however, it saddened me because the only series I have unsubtitled available anymore is Gravitation and I don't have the room to put more things on this HD XD. So.... When I save up some, I'll make some other videos, for now, Please, play this to anyone in a relationship that might be struggling a little. Perhaps you need that warm assurance that, that special someone is there, maybe you want to cling to the past of a past break up, whatever. Again, one of the videos I made that brought tears to several of my friend's eyes. Please don't watch it if your in a very fragile moment, because I promise, you will start bawling...

    I HATE the audio quality on this, WMA makes it sound like garbage, especially on my new speakers, so please don't crank the volume on this one. Thanks.


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