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  • Member: unastrike
  • Title: Our Way
  • Premiered: 2002-08-27
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    • No Use For A Name Laverne & Shirley
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  • Comments: This is my first (but definitely not last) attempt at making an amv.

    While the video uses footage from Trigun, there is no Vash to be seen for once. Not that I have anything against the Big Red Retard, but I just thought that there seems to be an awful lot of Vash themed vids out there... he's had his chance in the spotlight. Let's focus on some other characters for once. In this vid, Meryl and Milly are finally gonna get some of that action.

    The song that I used is actually a remake of the theme from the TV show, Laverne & Shirley. It's done by a band called No Use For A Name. Obviously, the theme song fits perfectly with these characters. The music certainly isn't anything like the original. No Use For A Name is a punk band, so this version isn't nearly as fruity. :P

    I've had the idea for this video floating around my head for months, but just finally sat down to do it, essentially, a week ago. Obviously, some of the troubles that I ran into were just learning how to use Premiere! *sweatdrop* I've never done anything like this before, so I was really in the deep end for a while. I know that some of the "techniques" that I used for things such as lip synching, timing, etc. were just plain sloppy... and it shows. But this is a first attempt and I'm still learning dis sukka. It'll come in time, I hope. =]

    I never even thought that I'd use lip synching in a video before. You know, I've got around 4 of these videos running around in my head and I never pictured lip sync in any of them. For this one, most of it just fit well. There were only a few instances in which I had to do a lot of editing in order to get a somewhat passable lip sync. With the others, either things just fit into place by themselves, only needed a little editing, or just needed skillz waaaaaay beyond what I have.

    I tried to work on the flow of it all, but kind of realized that there's not really much story I can provide for what's essentially a parody video. For the most part, it is just a bunch of random scenes, but hopefully synced with the music really well.

    That's about it. I'm pretty happy with my first attempt here. I hope that one day I grow to hate it... as most seem to do with their first eventually. With any luck, it'll be because that I've learned a lot since then and have improved. =]

    Anywhoo... system specs and software/hardware on my primative pc for those who are interested...
    PIII 450
    356 MB RAM
    ATI All-In-Wonder 128
    Premiere 5.1

    I used my trusty PS2 and plugged that sukka into the capture card via a s-video cable to grab clips. Quality wasn't the best. I know that it coulda been better, but that's the best component that my card has for an input. *shrugs*

    I'd love to get some feedback... then again... that goes without saying.

    Thanks so much for taking a look here!

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