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  • Member: SasukeIsADruggie
  • Title: Destined to live - Fixed
  • Premiered: 2006-01-30
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  • Songs:
    • 30 Seconds to Mars Oblivion
    • Blink 182 I Miss You
    • Sarah Brightman Eden
    • The Pillows Crazy Sunshine
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  • Comments: Well first off this is my finest work yet, it is an absolute MUST watch, and with such a small file? how can you go wrong? you can't, this amv is so action packed and full of drama it will turn hearts and may even lead some to cry. This amv runs with smooth effects and such clear quality, you'll wonder how the heck i made the file so small.. This video contains different audio to capture the hearts of many fans out there, there is a little something in this amv for everyone and i do hope you enjoy it. i spent around 4 months on this amv and after carefully watching amvs ranked on the top 10% list, this should be included among them, for it may not be at the very top but around the 70's atleast, this amv is a must see to believe, and for all of you that made it this far, why not?

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