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  • Member: Kurayami-san
  • Title: Protégé ~ I won't let you fall apart
  • Premiered: 2006-01-25
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    • Nine Inch Nails The Fragile
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  • Comments: Zack protects Cloud, Cloud protects Tifa, Tifa tries to protect the village and in the end, even Sephiroth wants to protect someone: Jenova.
    This video is about all these heroes trying to save someone else and it's meant to comfort everyone who feels alone and unprotected at the moment ^^.
    Of course, it couldn't be prevented that the AMV deals a lot with the whole story of the FF7-OVA as well. To be honest, I ran out of footage very fast because the OVA lasts only 25 minutes, so I hadn't much of a choice which scenes to use and which not o.O
    I tried a lot of effects and some of them were completely new to me (others you might have already recognized in my last X-vid or the Alichino-vid). Unfortunally, now I find that the video looks like there are by far less effects than there should be *lol*.
    Well... In any case, I hope you enjoy this AMV ^^. (If you like FF, you'll probably do so ^^)

    Opinions will be highly appreciated!!

    The following words are personal stuff for those who are interested in me as a creator and person, so feel free to skip those ^^.

    About the Title:
    There are only a few words in German I like as much as I like the word "Schützling". I don't know whether there is any nice translation in English which means _exactly_ the same. I found out that 'protégé' is used as a synonym in French and English (actually, in German as well), so I decided to use this word in order to make the title more comprehensible for you. However, what I like about the word - in the way I understand it - is the warmth it contains. If you say in Germany, someone is your "Schützling", this is either meant ironical or means a really deep relationship between you and this person. It means, you guard and protect this person no matter what and _the same manner_ a father would guard his child.
    I like this picture a lot because protector and protégé are usually not relatives, so it is a 'free choice' to choose someone as the person you will protect. (e.g., a German father would never say his son is his 'Schützling'). It's also important to mention that a "Schützling" or protégé is always less experienced and probably younger than the one who protects him.
    It's really hard to explain why I like this idea so much - maybe it's just because humans need someone offering them protection, someone, who comforts them and shows them paths they could have never thought of themselves. For example, when you feel totally desperate about something and want to be embraced by someone who is wise and can help you...
    In a way, being a protégé means also that the other person is willing to sacrifice something foryou. Regarding to Cloud and Zack, this even means their lifes.

    Farewell to Adobe Premiere 6.0
    This is probably the last AMV edited with Adobe Premiere 6.0, because I plan to upgrade to version 6.5. However, I feel a bit sad. It's been a wonderful program - although you can't do _everything_ with it like people say or it makes things sometimes really difficult, tends to screw up and kills your computer... I really love 6.0 ;_;. I released 15 videos on which were all made with 6.0 - I won't forget that. In this AMV I wanted to show some of the marevlous things that are possible with 6.0. I guess, it turned out pretty well.

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