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  • Member: Froilan
  • Title: FF - Beautiful
  • Premiered: 2006-01-22
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  • Song:
    • James Blunt You're beautiful
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  • Comments: Beautiful

    Okay.. okay.
    Yeah, so I sad my next FFX video would be my last, ffx video.
    Buut, it wont be.. cause.. well.
    I was suppose to wait with my "Final FFX video", until I felt the time was right and all that.. so this weekend (I try to make videos twice a month, when Iīm at a working computer), I was supposed to rip my FF8 and FF9 footage, since I finally understood how to make the quality good.
    Buut, a cd is stuck in one of the discs, so the ripper wont read my FF cdīs!
    So that ideaīs gone.. and since the time wasnīt right to make my final ffx video, I decided to make this one instead.


    Iīve always wanted to make a romance tribute for this song.
    But I kinda pulled the idea of for this song, since I had soo many other great songs to work with.
    But when I sat down, and listened to Youīre beautiful, I felt I just had to.
    I dont really like the song that much myself, and I know people who hates it.. but itīs so.. beautiful, and sad, and happy.. all in one.
    This song touches me.
    So I sat down, for a whooole day (yup, I only took a break to go to the bathroom) and a half night to finish this.
    And when I saved it I didnīt even thought it was something that I would wanna upload here.
    But it is.. I really like it.
    Itīs fast, and not too deep as I try to make my other videos.
    Itīs one of my better Tidus/Yuna videos.

    Yeah, well, download or dont download, itīs up to you.
    You people never give opīs anymore anyway, so I dont really know whatīs the point anymore (Yep, I am complaining)
    There is for the moment no Local download for this video, since my FTP clientīs out of function.. so I have to wait until I come home to upload a local thingy.. be patient ;D

    Sho long shuckers! Happy downloading!

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