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  • Member: Master O
  • Title: Greatest Captain in the Marines!
  • Premiered: 2006-01-21
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    • Family Guy I am the Greatest Captain
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  • Comments: This is my 2nd AMV and is set to One Piece. I made this video using Windows Movie Maker, Avisynth 2.5, and VirtualDubMod.

    Family Guy and One Piece....

    This is not a combination one sees very often on this site. In fact, I believe this is the 1st amv using Family Guy audio with only One Piece as the video. Anyways, it's just a short jab at one of the early bad guys in One Piece, Captain Morgan. As far as the Family Guy audio goes, you'll either love it or hate it. Watch it and judge for yourself.

    There isn't anything objectionable in this AMV, but as always, I have this:

    Obligatory Disclaimer:

    I will NOT be held responsible and will NOT take responsibility for your actions. By downloading any of my videos, whether they are vulgar or not, you agree and consent NOT to hold me, my family, and/or my friends responsible for any emotional or physical damages to you, your computer and its related hardware and software, or to any of your family, friends, and/or property. In addition, you are downloading this video of your own free will.

    Though this is a short AMV, please leave any constructive criticism. If you are going to say "this AMV is stupid," then at least say WHY you feel that way.

    Otherwise, Enjoy the Video!


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    2006-09-17 20:59:42 good
    2006-08-01 20:49:19 Quite Amusing
    2006-07-05 10:49:06 very funny
    2006-04-26 00:14:23 Twisted!!
    2006-03-06 11:30:10 Hey, some flaws here and there but it's not bad at all! 4/5
    2006-03-05 02:26:46 Funny! I liked it! ^_^

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