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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: Through Heaven's Eyes
  • Premiered: 2006-01-19
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    • prince of Egypt Through Heaven's Eyes
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  • Comments: Made with Windows Movie Maker.

    Yep, another song from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack. What can I say? It's my favorite movie, and this video for the song is really good! It's a really fun song, and I use YGO a lot for Prince of Egypt songs.

    Remember that these are made with Windows Movie Maker, so cut me a little slack. And the characters lip in unexpected places, so I was happy with that. I did the lip near the end intentionally, but the lip throughout the vid. was actually just pure coincidence. I think my tribute to Atemu video is better, I got low star ratings on this at first, but I would watch it anyways if your curious. This has a bit of everyone in it, not just Yugi and Atemu (Yami).

    Oh, and I forgot to put that there might be spoilers. Forgot, I WAS going to...but yeah, I use scenes from the japanese episodes and from the very last episode again, so yeah. I love the ending, that's why.

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    Quick Comments:
    2006-03-23 15:28:22 Very nice and orginal idea ^__^ I also love the Prince of Egypt (Have the movie) If you haven't seen the King of Dreams by the same company tht made Prince of Egypt please see it. It's very good. Only downfall was there wasn't a soundtrack for it. I sure loved the songs too *sighs*

    Note on this comment: I HAVE seen King of Dreams...but unfortunately didn't like it as much as the Prince of Egypt. But I did like it though, and yes, the songs are beautiful. If you like this song, you'll like my other Prince of Egypt videos.

    2006-11-28 15:24:48 Great work, absolutely perfect
    2006-08-28 17:12:37 I Loved it! ^^ good work
    2006-07-30 20:29:28 cool!!
    2006-06-01 23:28:15 Amazing. Nearly brought my roommate & I to tears. Bravo!!

    YouTube Comments:
    1.This was really good--it made me want to watch Yu-Gi-Oh. I like Prince of Egypt too (but only got to see it once. Bleh). This is JadedFire from, btw. I'm on YouTube, too. I somehow forgot to mention that fact. *looks sheepish* Or did I mention it? *puzzled*
    2. Where did ya get this song?
    3. I love Prince of Egypt and Yugioh goes well with it...keep it up
    4. I love both the video and the song!!
    5. That is an excellent music video! I love the song to!
    6. I love Prince of Egypt
    7. That all went well together with the song.

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