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  • Member: android18
  • Title: If Flesh Could Crawl
  • Premiered: 2002-08-20
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    • Garbage As Heaven Is Wide
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  • Comments: (NOTE: This video used to be a bad quality asf, but I now have the mpg up for download.)

    Well, personally I think this is my best video yet. :-) My friends whoíve never played a Resident Evil game like this vid, but I think if youíre a fan of the series, youíll appreciate it a lot more. Itís a mix of almost all the games; all except the very first original game, because the graphics in that were so old I couldnít use it. From Code Veronica X and the gamecube remake, I used the actual cut-scenes instead of only the FMVs. You get a lot more of the story that way.

    Anyways! The thing that makes this video cool is the style. ^_^ I wanted to do something original, ya know? Something Iíve never seen before. I think I succeeded. *yay* The video is action-packed, with a little bit of story & plot where it was necessary. I tried to give it a theme, too; At the beginning, the characters are mostly scared and terrified of whatís going on around them, but towards the end, they finally start fighting back and kick some zombie @$$! (Filthy undead fiends!) I also tried to fit the footage with the lyrics as best I could, so donít JUST watch the video or JUST listen to the song, make sure you listen and watch at the same time.

    I guess that's about it! just, if you download it, pleeeease leave an opinion? Even if you think it's bad. :-)

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