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  • Member: Purge
  • Title: Isolated
  • Premiered: 2006-01-18
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    • Alison Krauss It Doesn't Matter
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  • Comments: In December 2005 i came across on the forums a contest for amatuers which was to use only Windows movie maker. I hadn't come up with any new ideas for an amv during that time so i though I would give it a go. It was something to do AMV wise during the holidays. So i spent some time making this short amv and then submitted ito the contest. However when the submission due date came around only two vids had been entered so to my dissapointment the competition was cancelled.

    Anyway this vid was my attempt at a somewhat sentimental and i guess depressive AMV. Its a very slow vid and I depend a lot on the story from the anime Voices of a Distant Star. So if you havn't seen it it might not work. I enjoyed working on the vid because it was fun to see what you could do and get away with windows movie maker. I originally tried to do an action vid but it was frustrating. Anyone who can pull off high paced action in WMM deserves an award. When i switched to a slower song though things seemed to work much better. My favourite bit in the vid is when the mechs a walking through the forest/sky backdrop. I was thinking and trying to emulate those montages from the old war movies of the soldiers marching through trenches and such and I think I pulled it off.

    Overall if you do watch this AMV i hope that enjoy its simplistic nature.

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