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  • Member: Satori
  • Title: Things I'll Never Say
  • Premiered: 2002-08-20
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    • Avril Lavigne Things I'll Never Say
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  • Comments: Ok well this is my strange little happy/sad video. I had just finished my "Just Let Me" video and was pretty drained and depressed from that. I thought to myself, I need an upbeat song >< One with happy little music. So I searched and searched. I had this Utena/Touga idea going around in my head about it being all dark and interesting if I portrayed that. It just seemed depressing =/ and I am really not that kind of person. So I thought to myself, "No," and found this song by Avril Lavigne. She's not exactly a favorite or even liked by me, but the tune of the song really caught my ear. So I picked it ^_^

    This video pretty much tells a story and is a character portrayal. I took the footage from the first 13 eps of Utena and that from the Movie. Of course there are differences in the stories a bit, but I kind of meshed them together. I hope it came out all right.

    Note: There are a lot of Utena vids or vids that incorporate Utena in them. Most are used with several other anime or focus mainly on Utena/Anthy. I really haven't seen many Utena/Touga videos that focus mainly on this pair if at all.




    Ok one thing about this video is that it does kind of start out kind of light and goes along in that vein for a bit. I think it starts to turn when the Touga's past scenes begin and go on to the Church scene. I don't know why. That whole part I just love. It just ties it all together for me.

    Showing both Utena and Touga's childhoods were important to me in making this video. How they've known each other before, how different their lives have been, etc.

    Ok one thing I do want to say: I kind of manipulated the story a bit to fit this video. (ie: the Nanami parts, the ring, etc). Truth is, Touga cares for Utena more than she really cares for him (of course he doesn't realize it until much later). Nanami (the blond girl) is actually Touga's sister (though she has an unhealthy relationship toward him I think o.o)


    I hope you liked this. I hope I'm improving. I know I use too many cross disolves. It's like an addiction I need to break, I swear :D Anyway ENJOY ^_^


    Comments added 9/10/02


    First off I am always my own worst critic. I pick apart every little thing I do. Anyway here goes. I would like to redo this video. Looking at it now I can see minor flaws which I'd like to fix.

    --The sequence from 1:51 to 1:55 is totally out of place. That needs to be fixed.

    --the flashing scene at 00:48 needs to be replaced

    --less cross disolves

    --more scenes

    I plan on redoing this once I get all my Utena dvds (which might take a bit) I want to show more scenes of them.

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