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  • Member: Ashton
  • Studio: Original Skin Studios
  • Title: See
  • Premiered: 2002-10-01
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  • Song:
    • Tonic If You Could Only See
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  • Comments: Where to start? Well, I?ll start with how this video started. I don?t know exactly what started it, except that I heard this song during the time when I was trying to come up with AMV concepts. I also really wanted to do an AMG AMV so I put 1 and 1 together (;-p) and got? well? 1. I got 1 AMV that is. It?s finished, and it took an ungodly amount of time to create. Most of that had to do with some After Effects work (which was a pain in the rear) but I?d say that all in all this video took about 110 hours of work to complete. I worked on it for about 4 weeks solid, pretty much doing very little else (I love summer vacation.)
    It was a long annoying process, really. I spent about 20 hours on After Effects doing the actual work, along with another 7-10 hours figuring it all out. The really? uh? funny part (though I?m certainly not laughing) is that one of the two clips I created in this process was deemed unnecessary in the very last output of the video. This is one of those things where I went totally overboard on the useless end, and I found out there is a reason most people avoid using that damned program. I would site in the living room watching TV with my parents and I?d be sitting on the floor, going *click* *click* ?Grrr?.? *click* *click* ?Grrr?? for 4 hour sessions solid. My wrist got really tired after that. If you can?t tell which of the clips has been After Effectsed, it?s the one with Skuld (the little Goddess) screaming at the camera and the color flushing into the background.
    I don?t know if anyone will really like this piece, mostly because a lot of the people who watched it said that my second vid was much better. I don?t know, you download them both and make your choice. The point is that this is a much more sentimental piece that appeals to me a little more than to anyone else. I can also say that, despite the fact that it?s the longest production time for an AMV for me so far, it was by far the most fun production process.
    I had some technical difficulties with the pixel aspect ratio, because getting wide screen to get along with AVIsynth doesn?t really work. I?ve also had a hell of a time trying to get it output with any quality. As I write this I am outputting the 7th version of the video, which is mostly to remove a small error that I made (non video related) but is also going to be a little better quality (I think.)
    Warning: Long winded explanation of the AMV ahead, skip if you haven?t already seen it.
    As for the concept, well, it?s a little weird, because when I started working on the video I didn?t really know what I wanted to do with any of it, but after I listened to the song about 300 times I got this idea in my head. I thought, ?Hey, what if you took the lyrics of this song and interpreted them as if they were part of an argument. Like, two people fighting over a girl.? And that?s when the idea started to take shape and Belldandy became almost a side story in the vid. It?s kind of hard to explain, and it?s going to be much harder for you to understand or pick up on, I?m sure, but try to stay with me on this one. Each of the choruses are part of the argument between Keichi and Celestine. Keichi is being backed by Urd and Skuld. So the song opens up, and Celestine starts out very calm and he tries to explain his perspective to Keichi. He says ?If you could only see the way she loves me, then maybe you would understand why it is I feel this way about our love, and what I must do.? The point of that is that Celestine is justifying using Belldandy by saying that she loves him, and that she wants this as much as he does. And then, the typical hot tempered over protective Skuld blows up on Celestine (not cool AE work ^_^) Keichi comes back with ?Well you?ve got your reasons. And you?ve got your lies. You?ve got your manipulations, they cut me down to size.? Meaning that he absolutely refuses Celestine?s logic as lies and deception. Then Keichi talks about why Celestine is wrong, and then at the chorus the ironic hypocrisy is established. Keichi says to Celestine a sort of, ?Oh, no? you don?t get it. I?ll be nice and explain this to you. (song) If you could only see the way she loves me?? So Keichi uses the exact same argument against Celestine that Celestine used against Keichi. It?s kind of like the futility of these two guys trying to fight over a girl using logic, and it?s meant to establish some pattern of sympathy for Celestine. After that, Keichi becomes frustrated, and I have the whole motorcycle scene. Celestine comes back again, as a way of saying, ?Maybe you didn?t hear me the first time, (song) If you could only see the way?? That is it for Keichi. At this point the song went to the solo section, which I decided would be perfect for a fight scene. And so I inserted the fight scene, and there is a battle. In the battle, there are ups and downs, and in the end the only one who looses is Belldandy, who is caught in the middle of the struggle. Anyway, Keichi wins the physical fight, and at the end of the fight he pronounces his victory by telling Celestine again what a jerk he is. After that, just to drive the point home, Keichi does the chorus, and Celestine looses everything. I also left a nice little non-spoiler teaser kind of thing at the very end.
    Other than that, I haven?t much to say ^_^ I hope you enjoy it!
    Also note, that if you downloaded the video in the first three days, there was an error, and the title is printed wrong, I?m fixing that right now.

    Update: 10/20/02
    I just wanted to let you all know that I am adding an indirect link in the downloads section, but it's not actually a downloadable link. Instead, it will link you to a website where you can get information about a CD distrobution system that I know very little about other than to say that my video is availible throught this system.

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