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  • Members: KingDavid, Turankusu
  • Studio: Darkness Studio's
  • Title: The Last Saiyan - Redemption Trailer
  • Premiered: 2006-01-17
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  • Songs:
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Fahrenheit
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Serenata
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  • Comments: kAzAmA "King David" GoTeN

    Here is now a new video of that was manbaged to be brought up, it all actually started from when I was just thinking of a new video to make and just decided to make a video of the Frieza Saga with some good movie instrumental songs. I was just about nearly finished but still had a lot of footage errors on it, when I showed it to my brother Turankusu he just suddenly thought that it looked a lot like a video he was already beginning to make and thought about a while ago. So then he thought why not make it a trailer to his video, I agreed on it and so it began.

    He helped me out on much better footage to go with the trailer, while he placed the clips in I synced them myself. The outcome was absolutely amazing, mostly around the second half of the video. The quality is great, the timing and the way it all went was perfectly fine, now enough with that and on with the story of the video.

    This video is solely about the background history of the Saiyan race being tortued and ruled under one powerful being, keeping captive the prince of the Saiyans. Rebelling against him, Frieza assassinated the king and later on the whole planet, becoming scared that the Saiyan's were becoming stronger each time they battle. Now a child of a soldier is the only one left to uphold the pride of the lost race, and to fulfill his destiny. So yeah we get the whole idea many times before.

    This is actually based upon Turankusu's video Carol Of The Super Saiyan, and now producing the re-made video of it. This would look a lot more like a video than a trailer due to its length, it's out in two parts since Turankusu's video will be two parts long. So in ending this, please check this trailer out and give your reviews on it please, we hope you love this video as much as we do. Turankusu's video of this will be coming, so yes he's still alive and coming back. Keep in touch.

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