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  • Member: Prodigi
  • Studio: DZX Productions
  • Title: Gekimetsu
  • Premiered: 2006-01-15
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • The Offspring Staring at the Sun
  • Anime:
    ... Or for those who wish to remain free of epilepsy

    Local download fixed.

    General Stuff -
    This video is the movie Dead Leaves set to the song "Staring At The Sun" by The Offspring. The video itself isn't designed to tell a story, or give you any information at all. In fact, much like the OVA itself, this video is mindless action with little to no storyline. There is only one word to describe it: insanity. Welcome to the world of Dead Leaves.

    This video is my first Anime Music Video in over a year, and I must say it's a relief to finally have something to show for all my frustration over the last year in trying many different ideas. This is one of two videos I am currently working on, and this one was designed for me more to be a "stress-reliever", something I could just make hardcore and use insane action without having to think even the slightest bit at using deep visualisations with deep meanings.

    I 'discovered' the song when watching Michele's "Naota's Dream", which is an excellent video in itself, and I instantly went for the rapid beats and insanity of the song.

    Unless you want to see an action filled video with absolutely no plot, turn back now.

    Thanks -
    - Pwolf, for beta testing (small, even though it was)
    - Michele, for introducing me to the song
    - Fluxmeister, for introducing me to the anime

    Quotes -
    "Poop-in-the-pants'able :up:" - AtomX
    "Nice. Good pace and action." - Pwolf
    "Fantesticles." - Koopiskeva
    "Explosions make *this* video good, trust me." - Fluxmeister
    "A dead leaves video with good pacing that isn't mindless." - Castor Troy
    "Visual Caffeine! That's your new title for this video." - JubJub2

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