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  • Member: Perfect Chaos
  • Title: Eggman and Company
  • Premiered: 2004-01-30
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    • Sonic X Raw Audio Eggman and Company segment
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  • Comments: A strange, yet funny comedy idea I came up with back in 2004. I could improve some of the editing from back then. but I think it's good for now.

    Basically, Eggman and his two robots are trying to sell a special sex toy called the "EGGVIBE 3000" on an infomercial, which Sonic and Chris are watching. Rogue helps out Eggman by coming on and promoting it with him XD

    If you understand Jappanese, I'm afraid this amv won't work for you. The humor is partly in not knowing the language and relying on the subs, along with visual gags to, but you'll appreciate it less if you know the language.

    I really need to try more comedies like this ^^

    Comments are always appreciated

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