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  • Member: Ojamajo_LimePie
  • Studio: Pirika Productions
  • Title: A Portrait in Scarlet
  • Premiered: 2006-01-14
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    • Junko Iwao Scarlet
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    A worker at an antique shop finds a glass which contains the soul of a girl who was murdered centuries ago. It turns out that he is the reincarnation of her lover and murderer. Will the young man take on the burden of his previous incarnation's sins, at the price of his own life? Can his pain free the girl and let her soul finally rest in peace? And what happens when the two fall in love? A girl trapped in glass; a boy who endures pain for her sake. This is their love story.

    This AMV is a real departure from my usual style; I've traded 'cute and fluffy' for 'dark and bloody.' Don't expect this to become the norm. :P

    The music used for 'A Portrait in Scarlet' is Scarlet, the opening theme of Ayashi no Ceres. It's lyrics speak of the sorrow of seperation and doomed love, which really fits the story of le Portrait de Petit Cossette. I was originally going to use this song for an X video, but Cossette matched it so perfectly that I just had to used it instead.

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