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  • Member: Sharingan no Lisa
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: Whispers of the Past, The End of Everything
  • Premiered: 2005-09-15
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    • Linkin Park Easier To Run
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  • Comments: Whispers of the Past, The End of Everything
    This video is a tribute to the main protagonist of Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto.

    In the anime Naruto has a demon inside himself, a "fox" with nine tails but he discovers that when he is 15 ; the demon influence destroy his soul and create various problems, as well as creating an incredible amount of strenght to the kid.
    In my music video he knows he has a demon inside already when he was a child. He try to hide that to everyone around him, but when he grow up, the demon begins to go out Naruto's body.
    Naruto proves to forget it with his friends but when they leave him alone he must fight with his pain alone, and the demon always win.
    Naruto wants to change, he doesn' t want the demon and when Kyubi change him and take his control, he feels sad, because a secret he kept locked away is visible and all people stay away from him. Fortunately his friends doesn' t still know about that but when he's controled by the demon, he lose his control and he can kill... Than, he wants to go beyond any limit, he wants die and therefore, protect his friends by the furios of Kyubi.
    When he remember his past, he became furios and sad, bacause when he was a child all people stay away from him and he was always alone. Because of that, he want destroy his past and, when he kill literally his past in his mind, the Naruto without the demon die, and than he become a person without sentiments, he's only a demon now.
    Nobody accept him, neither his friend who escape from him. The demon fox become FURIOS and control completely Naruto. He kill his friends.
    Suddenly the demon disappear and Naruto undestand what he's did.
    He want to die, but this time nobody stop him. So he decide to suicide himself.
    Kyubi was free.

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