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  • Member: *inverse*
  • Studio: ReVeRsEd Studios
  • Title: Fadeaway
  • Premiered: 2006-01-18
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  • Song:
    • Celldweller Fadeaway
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    My first video of 2006!

    Programs used:

    - Video Explosion Deluxe 1.5
    - DVD Decrypter
    - VirtualDubMod
    - AVIsynth

    I had way too much fun editing this video. I'm actually surprised at how quickly I was able to finish this. My DVDs came in the mail a couple weeks ago, and because I only had a couple shifts, I spent most of my time working on this. I suppose I could have been a little more tedious with my editing, but either way I really like how it turned out. My "digital effects" are mainly layers, glows, flashes and fades - just enough to spiffy it up ;P

    My original plan was to just make a HxH action video featuring all of the characters to "Own Little World" by Celldweller. I listened to the song more to try and picture how I could make the combo work - but had no luck. So I just browsed through my playlist and found this song. After listening to the lyrics I thought I could use it for more of an angsty character profile on either Killua or Kurapica. Everything flowed pretty smoothly from there.

    I did end up removing the end of the song because 1) I ran out of clips and 2) it would ruin the "end mood" I had going. So, I guess the video does seem a little short - it's only about three and a half minutes. The last minute of the song is much mellower, so I pretty much just played out the last scene with the credits on top of them. Since I cut the end of the song off, the slower bit just fades out. I really, REALLY tried not to do the whole black & white thing at the end of this video (as I have already done this on two previous vids). I honestly and truely did - but I gave in to the temptation. My excuse: it looked pretty, and I like pretty things. I'll avoid it in future projects ;P

    *Note - the CD has the title spelled as one word, so I just kept it like that.

    There isn't much of a story here. Kurapica wants revenge so badly, he convinces himself that he doesn't need comrades, he needs power/strength. Since I'm classifying this as an "angsty character profile" with a twist of action, you don't *really* need to be familiar with the series to get the theme. I'm just hoping that Kurapica fans (if there are any here) will enjoy this.

    Most of the footage used here is from the Spider saga, so there are spoilers for the end of the TV series but not for the OVAs.


    Lyrics to "Fadeaway":

    I'm not clear how it is that I ended up here
    Deja vu think of you now so far, once so near
    Tangled in my own reflection on the way down

    With my hands on my mind I hold wounds that won't mend
    With my eyes opened wide I can see it's the end
    Tangled in my imperfections
    On the way down

    Don't hate me now
    They've torn away the ground from under me
    Right after they were reassured that I believed
    Normality is not a word I understand at all
    I set myself up for the fall

    Withdrawing deep into the hole
    This isolated little hell
    Leaves me cold and faded

    I'm my one and only friend
    I am my worst enemy
    I find new methods to pretend
    That this is not reality

    Don't be lonely
    Now I'm your only

    Just stay far away from me...
    When I fadeaway from me...


    You will need the XVID codec to play this.

    Feedback is welcomed and appreciated ^_^

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