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  • Members: Verses, Kumori Shinpi
  • Studio: K & K Studios
  • Title: Shattered Skies: Rebirth
  • Premiered: 2006-01-05
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    • 30 Seconds to Mars The Mission
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  • Comments: It's been a while since I actually came up with the idea of completely redoing my previous 'Shattered Skies' AMV, this time I believe we fully caught 'Macross Zero' at its' best and I think we actually followed along with the song very well. Considering we used WMP to edit, there weren't many Output settings for my proportions, so we went along with the best of what they had, so there may be a 'little' blotch here and there if you're really observent, but other than that, it's good enough not to be noticed. With each up coming video we make, we keep on trying to push WMP to the limit, and so far, I believe this video has done just that.

    We did try to start off using Premieres 6.5, but the program kept on crashing every time we tried opening certain regions of the video onto the source view, so in the end we had no choice but to stick with WMP and Photoshop Cs2, and by seeing my final product, we're pleased.

    :: VIDEO ::
    We based this video on the sole connection of 'Conflict' in Macross Zero. We managed to catch the conflict of Sara and her past (blood incident), Shin and his past (Parents apparently being murdered in the war), and the war going on between the two opposing sides itself. We did have the AFOS show up a couple of times to add suspence, since the entire series's suspence revolved on whether or not the holy creature was going to be awakened, so there are spoilers in this video if you yet to watch Macross Zero. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did editing it

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