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  • Member: Atarashii Hito
  • Studio: Atarashii Hito Studios
  • Title: Paranoid Android
  • Premiered: 2002-07-27
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    • Radiohead Paranoid Android
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  • Comments: Well, this one was actually fun to edit.
    I think I'm finally getting the hang of this AMV thing, after what is this my 6th AMV? Oh well.
    Idea pretty simple Metropolis footage to Radiohead's Paranoid Android. The lyrics fit perfectly and I was able to make this video very high quality ^_^ . Although once I get this video available to download, the resolution will be greatly reduced... I was concidering cutting the song, but I decided against it because i love this song to death, and cutting it would seem like a travesty. Anyways, this video was fun to do over all and was another great learning expirience.

    800mhz Pentium III
    Windows 2000
    DVD-ROM Drive 16x
    Dazzle II (For previewing)
    PS2 (Additonal Capture)

    Adobe Premiere 6.0

    Otakon 2002 (Non Competing: Length)

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