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  • Members: Morh_Shion, Nobu_X, Squall_Renzokuken
  • Studio: TAC Studios
  • Title: One Piece - Waterfall
  • Premiered: 2005-09-25
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  • Songs:
    • ill nino This Times For Real
    • System of a Down Aerials
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  • Comments: -I forgot to put that i used some scenes of One Piece Movie 5-

    This is my new amv, it's my 5 amv, i made other amv that i don't consider!
    It's an amv about fights on One Piece, and i made some crazy things, effects, sync, i used after effects 6.5 for some scenes...
    i'll begin explein why this music video, is in category Parody:
    1- Because i'm crazy and make, zoro that fight with sword fight againts one enemy of the anime Rurouni Kenshin, i try to made one story for this amv, that was, the story of Nami, that Shishio Makotto of anime Rorouni Kenshin, was burn the ship of Ruffy!!! So sanji that fights with legs, fight againts Gaara of the anime Naruto. So sanji fights remember Rock Lee fights!

    Notice: This is not a Music Video About Naruto, Saint Seiya or Rurouni Kenshin!!! I only used some scenes or characters to enfatizate hte AMV of One Piece!!!

    But ths is not a Comedy amv, it's have very actions, and i tryed to show the potential fights of the anime One Piece, because some people tells that this anime it's a comedy poor thing, bad desing...

    Well, i use 2 music in this amv, one for make "Drama", that was the music of system of a down, and the other is that makes the real action!!!
    I made some good effects i think, my friends tell me that was a good amv, and the effects was good used on it! The 2 music, has a good trasition that probably you will not see... i think that i can get better on the last fight scenes of this amv, and choese some better scenes in some cases, but i'm only tring to use the part of begin of the anime, and i have problems to edited this amv...

    This music videos is my Beta version, why?
    I had one big problem with my Premiere 6.5, many times it shot down when i was edited, and i exported this beta version, because it dosn't will be diferent of the Final Version, so after i export my premiere was bugged and i can't exported more videos, so i tryed to reinstall and doesn't correct the bug! i tryed to use Premiere 7.0 (1.5 Pro) but it's to hevy for my pc, and can't edited in it because it's to slow...
    I tryed to After Effects 6.5 but, i'll need praticaly to rebuild almost my all AMV!!!

    So i win a champion with this amv, so i decide that was nothing i can do, so i upload!!!
    I hope you like!

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