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  • Title: The Heart of A Wolf
  • Premiered: 2006-01-10
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    • Bryan Adams Sound the Bugle
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  • Comments: Here is my latest vid using one of my favorite songs and anime. I fell in love with the characters when I saw Wolf's Rain and knew that I just had to make a video using the show. When I heard this song I knew that I had found the perfect piece. This vid has taken me many months to complete. I am in my third year of college and when coming home on the weekends I would try and get at least a little work done. Some days though I would have other things to worry about however and there were a number of weeks where I did no work on this project at all. I would still think about it though and run scenes though my head to try and see if they would fit. Though one or two sections could probably have used a slightly different scene I am overall very happy with how this vid looks.

    In this vid I my goal is to show how even though the wolve's and Blue's owner led hard lives they never gave up in trying to reach their goals. When this project was just an idea I wanted to focus on ALL the main characters in the show. As I worked on this project more and more however I found myself primarily focusing on the struggles of the wolve's and Blues owner. They seemed to fit this song the best and I decided that tossing in more characters would do more harm then good.

    I think that the hardest thing about this project was just sitting down and working on it. This video is of course very sad and after only working on it for about an hour I would start feeling down and have to put it away. Toboe's death was particurally hard to work through. I just love his character and I would start crying each time I watched him die. I kept pushing on however and now it is ready for viewing.

    Just as a warning you might have to adjust the brightness of your screen. Also some computers don't seem to really like this file so you may have to open it in DIVx player. I would also like to thank all the people ( Kazemon15, Daitensukaze, Pinky, and many others) who helped me out with this vid by watching it over and over again and giving out pointers. You guys are the best. No one has to leave an opinion but if you do I would be very happy. Once again I thank all who helped me. This vid is for you guys.


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