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  • Member: sayde
  • Title: Life of the Irregular Ones
  • Premiered: 2006-01-10
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    • Megaman X: Command Mission Main Boss theme
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  • Comments: My first Megaman/rockman x tribute. I utilized footage from Megaman X 3 & 4 as well as from the fairly new Megaman X remake - Irregular Hunter X for the psp. Getting the footage from the umd iso was a pain in the ass but it was all worth it. This music video has 3 parts to it. The intro, Zero's part, and then X's part.

    In Zero's segment, I tried to mainly display his dark past as a maverick and his connection to dr.wily. It's also supposed to display how Sigma betrayed him, as well as his guilt towards being unable to protect X in the past and how this guilt helped him to grow stronger. Also you may notice I made Iris's role different from what it actually is. So I'll admit, I changed some things around from a storyline point of view.

    In X's segment, I tried to also display his past, including Sigma's betrayal, how it revolved around dr light, and how X's unwillingness to harm an innocent victim in danger causes him to natrually hold back in battle. In the end, what's displayed is how X can always fine that inner strength to overcome when neccessary. (I know, I know. It's just so original.) The last thing I tired to portray is how angry X gets when innocents are killed. X's segment was much more simple to do simply because I felt his character is a little more straightforward than Zero's.

    I tried a few new things with adobe premiere this time around, but still tried to stay away from abusing special effects. Many simple scene transitions are utilized in this.

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