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  • Member: jubjub2
  • Studio: JubJub2
  • Title: She's Got a Way - Ghibli Girls
  • Premiered: 2006-01-12
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    • Romance
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  • Song:
    • Billy Joel She's Got a Way
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Sakura-Con 2006 AMV/OVA Contest, Sakura-Con 2006 AMV/OVA Contest (2006-03-24)
    • AniZona, AniZona AMV Contest (2006-04-14)
    • Mini-Con V, Mini-Con V AMV Contest (2006-06-03)
    • A-Kon 17, A-Kon 17 Experts Anime Music Video Contest (2006-06-09)
    • Anime Weekend Atlanta 12, AWA 12 EXPOSITION CONTEST (2006-09-22)
    • MAniFest 2006, MAniFest AMV Competition (2006-09-23)
    • Oni-con, Rules (2006-10-20)
  • Comments: I started this after I made my clip for the Valentine's MEP. I stared at the Ghibli set, and thought, "I should just do a whole video to this song..." So, I did. And the clip is still going in the MEP. ;)

    Nothing fast or furious, but this is a warm, happy, fuzzy-feeling video. I hope you enjoy it!

    Just a couple of notes about the song...

    First, I love it.

    Second, you can read a lot into the lyrics. I have heard this song dedicated to mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, etc. It's a beautiful song that really can be seen in many different lights, not just the romantic love angle. If there's a woman in your life that you cherish, the song fits.

    Third, I included Grave of the Fireflies because of the deep relationship that the children have in such a harsh reality. She really is his reason for living and brings light and joy into his life during bleak times. At least, that's how I felt about the lyrics...

    (One of these days I'll do a video with a bassline....)

    Thanks to JudgeHolden, aielI_Ileia, JaddziaDax and jade_eyed_angel for their comments and beta views!

    Premiere 6.5
    Virtual Dub Mod

    This one's for my nephew, Brian.

    Best Romance - Anizona 2006
    Best of Show - Experts Anime Music Video Contest - A-Kon 17

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