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  • Member: SacredArrow18
  • Studio: Sacred Studios
  • Title: AmgMahoro-Damaged(WidescreenVersion)
  • Premiered: 2006-01-07
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  • Song:
    • Plumb Damaged
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Hello everyone this is another new music video of mine and it is the first various anime music video I have ever made, but just used two anime series, thatís all. I am happy on how it turned out. I say that this will give everyone a understanding on how I portrayed the music video with the two characters from the two anime series.

    This amv is about Belldandy and Mahoro. First, the parts with Belldandy is about her never telling Keiichi that she knew him when she was a child and he was a child and she has to deal with not telling him but when all things go wrong she would have to find a way to tell him. Lastly she wishes that she can go back so he can remember her.
    Second is Mahoro. Itís about her not telling Masato that she had killed his father in battle and she is pained by seeing him suffering and she wished that she could go back and not have made him suffer when he was a little boy. So she spends the time she has left with him so he can have someone in his life and not be alone forever. I donít know if this is best explained for anyone to understand how I made the music video, but I am sure if you watch it you will understand. I hope, lol. Well thatís all I have to say.
    Enjoy the video!!!

    Effects: Keyframing (Brightness/Contrast, Tint), Gaussian Blur, Noise, Zooming In and Out, Feathering, and Fade transitions.

    Programs Used: Adobe premiere 6.0, Adobe Photoshop 7.0
    Footage: Ripped from the DVDs.
    Codec: Xvid [Divx Compatible]
    Resolution: 640*352

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