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  • Member: SephOWA
  • Title: Battle 25 - Fateful Reunion - An Angel Soaked with Tears
  • Premiered: 2002-08-16
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    • Our Lady Peace Somewhere Out There
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  • Comments: Note: There are some spoilers in this video as I used the second to last episode of Angelic Layer as my source.

    I just finished watching Angelic Layer and I noted that all of the AMVs of it were action based with a lot of fighting scenes and such and I thought that I could still be original and make a serious AMV with this series. Through this video I tried to show the sorrow that Misaki and Shuuko have due to their being apart for seven years. I also mixed in the effect Misaki's sorrow had on Hatoko, her close friend.

    I used Adobe Premiere 6.0 completely to make this video. I spent about 3 days planning the video out and 2 days actually making it.

    I like this video much more than my first video ( I played around with some digital effects and for the most part I like the outcome. I finally was able to get a very good quality output that runs smoothly.

    As the name might imply, I only used one episode of Angelic Layer in making this AMV. Just like SpPANDA who made a video ( using only one episode of Cowboy Bebop (which I thought was quite good and ironically, he also used an Our Lady Peace song), I wanted to show that it is possible to make a quality AMV without using a plethora of series or episodes and hopefully I achieved this. Despite my announcing that I only used one episode for this AMV, I'm sure that people won't like it due to the repetition of various clips. I know some of them may have been used a little too often, but I tried my hardest to use the repeated clip differently each time (and probably in a digital effect so it isn't so noticable).

    And now for my evaluation of the video:

    00:07 - 00:20: The first of two clips with sound from the episode. The song is blended in with the clip sound to help set the mood for this video as a serious one.
    00:20 - 00:24: The only clip with subtitles and no sound. I should've removed the one subtitle from this short clip but I cannot draw and resizing the clip made it look bad. Live with a single subtitle for 4 seconds. :P
    00:50: I used a Strobe set to Difference to sync with the drum that leads to the next verse.
    01:04 - 01:08: The Echo filter was used to try to enhance the rather bland clip of Shuuko picking up the phone. The clip of Icchan calling her was switched with the clip of her picking up the phone to make more sense and to sync with the song.
    01:14 - 01:27: A half fade was used to enhance the clips involved.
    01:29 - 01:33: Two clips were resized and moved around to show them both at the same time.
    01:33 - 01:35: Another half fade was used here.
    01:55 - 01:57: A strobe was used here to try to sync with the drums. Some interlacing appeared which annoys me but after all the work I did to get this while not destroying my low end computer, I'll deal with it.
    01:57 - 01:59: Another half fade.
    02:07: "I miss the way you taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssttttttteeeeeeeeee" XD
    02:19 - 02:20: A full fade to sync with the song.
    02:21 - 02:27: An echo filter on the clip for a nicer delay than the first plus a Solarize filter for color.
    02:27 - 02:34: Three clips were set semi-transparent over one another.
    02:43: Yet another half fade.
    02:51 - 02:57: Three clips were resized and moved to slighly overlap one another to show three perspectives. Of the three times I did this, I like this one the best.
    03:13 - 03:17: I used two copies of this clip, set the first one to run at half speed and set the other to run at full speed and I just set them semi-transparent over one another.
    03:18 - 03:20: The last time I resized and moved clips but this time I used the same clip twice, but reversed the order in which they played.
    03:29 - 03:33: I love these half fades.
    03:33 - 03:35: I used the same clip twice, semi-transparent and at different speeds again. I liked the way this one came out better than the first.
    04:06 - 04:33: I ended the video with another clip with sound to try to leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
    04:39 - 05:10: Sorry about the long ending but this video was made in commemoration of the one year birthday of an IRC chatroom I go to so I had to put it in the end. You don't have to watch the video at this point but it's nice to do so. :D

    I apologize but since this file is 52 MB and I do not own any webspace, there really is no place for me to upload this. To my understanding, there is an AMV IRC chat room. If I can find out where it is, I'd glady go there to promote downloading this video. However, if you don't feel like waiting you can go to an IRC chatroom I frequent quite easily.


    1.) IRC:

    Fire up IRC and connect to ""
    If you're using AOL, you'll have to connect to "" instead.
    Then simply join the channel "#rm2k_anime" and hopefully I'll be there with this name or if not, someone there will have the AMV which you can get through a fserve.

    The optimal time to find me in that channel is between 11 AM and 11 PM Eastern Standard Time. Howver, starting a download at around 11 is bad as my father turns off the modem at that time (only one more year until I'm off to college so I'll have to deal with it).

    If I'm not in the channel or you're getting a slow upload (which is possible as I use DSL) talk to the other members in the room. Someone else probably will be nice and serve it for me. We don't bite so talking a little never hurt anyone. ;)

    2.) My FTP:

    I have a FTP set up to help distribute the AMV. I'm only allowing one person at a time to download from me though because my max UL speed is 15 kb/sec and With a larger file, I don't think you'd want an extremely slow download. If you want queueing action, use the IRC method. Check the indirect link to go to the subdirectory. YOU NEED TO HAVE PASSIVE TRANSFERS OFF FOR THE LINK TO WORK. If not, you'll have to connect through a FTP client. Here's the info:

    Port: 59
    Name: SephOWA
    Pass: wheee

    It'll be up between the hours of 11 AM and 9 PM EST (don't hold me to those exact times, but under normal circumstances that should be the case).

    3.) Durg's FTP:

    An internet friend of mine is also being generous and hosting the video on his FTP so more bandwidth goodness for downloading. I think he's being nice just because I forgot to include his name at the end of the video as people to thank as this is sorta commemorated to a #rm2k_anime. :P Check out the Direct Link for that. Once again, not my hosting so don't complain about times.

    4.) Marcyu's FTP:

    Right now there's an Indirect Link going there. Try to be nice to this FTP though and only use it if none of the others work. Thank you.

    I hope you enjoy the AMV.

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