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  • Member: Froilan
  • Title: FF - So afraid
  • Premiered: 2006-01-08
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    • Action
    • Character Profile
    • Drama
    • Sentimental
    • Serious
  • Song:
    • Staind So Far Away
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    Spoilers ahead


    This is something that you need to read before downloading. The rest I leave for those whos interested

    Okay. Tidus is a dream. Right? Hes sleeping. Right? And when he wakes up.. thats when he dies. Correct? Just think about that when watching the video. I am not going to force you read anymore right now. Happy downloading!


    The song, So far away, striked me as one of the best, pained, song Id ever heard. And as usual, I had to make a video for it. The lines "Im so afraid of waking, please dont shake me", made me think of Tidus. And his story. Ive been waiting for a song thatd fit him, and I finally found it. When I started making the video, I had had the video in my head for weeks, but for some reason, I couldnt make it right. I hade to force myself through this video. I got dry on ideas half way through and nothing seemed to come out the way I wanted it too. I sended a short part of the video to my friend who yelled at me to finish it. And so I did. And it turned out just right. Im really proud actually, and I consider this to be my best work ever. Perfect for my "video before my LAST FFX video".

    So no, this aint a romance video. Its teling Tidus story. Many people seem to forget that he actually is the main character of FFX, so I wanted to dedicate him something too (Ive been bad and have only made Yuna tributes this far). Well.. Ive put my blood sweat and tears into this video. I really hope ya all like it. And if you dont, then PLEASE tell me why. I cant get better if no one tells me what I am doing wrong.

    Happy downloading!

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