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  • Member: Dark Heather
  • Title: Wish It All Was Just A Terrible Lie
  • Premiered: 2006-01-06
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    • Nine Inch Nails Terrible Lie
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  • Comments: This is my fist attempt at making Galerians music video. I really like this game series and OVA. The story and the character design in them is awesome and the thing i love the most. So, i had to make at least one AMV of Galerians..
    This video is mostly about Rion and his hard life, and the terrible things he had to go through. The song "Terrible Lie" By Nine Inch Nails was used in the beginning of Galerians PS game, and i decided to use it in this AMV, because 1. it would be easy to make a music video of it, and 2. i think the song really fits to Rion; Considering all the things he's been through, there must have been a time when he has wished, that it all would be just a lie. A terrible one.
    I made this video with Windows movie maker 2.0. I'm really busy with all the things like school, and i really don't have time for learning to use some better movie maker, even though i really would like to... But if there is some easy to use program, (but still better than movie maker) that is free or at least not too expensive, you're welcome to suggest.
    I used footage from Galerians: Rion OVA and Galerians: Ash +Galerians: Rion trailer footage. I ripped DVD footage with DVD Decrypter and encoded them with DVD2AVI. For PS2 .PSS files i used PSS Demux and then DVD2AVI.

    Be aware that this video contains scenes that might be disturbing or maybe even little scary for somebody, so download at your own risk. After all, Galerians is meant to be disturbing.

    Well, enjoy and opinions are welcome..

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