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  • Member: Pokich
  • Title: Odnazhdi (Once)
  • Premiered: 2004-01-16
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    • Egy & Petruchho Sobak
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  • Comments: Well... just don't know from where to start.

    First, some words about the sound (I won't risk calling it music, so let is be sound). This is totally original piece of art made by two very creative persons - an actor, and cinema sound producer. The result is some kind of stories, telling us about two imaginary characters - Egy and Petruchho. But these stories are little... unusual: sometimes they get totally out of common sense, so that the idea, the real meaning is seen beyond the commong meaning of these words and phrases, somewhere in the place of associations, that create particular atmosphere.
    But there is some trouble in putting it here on .org - it's all in russian. ^__^ So let it be a kind of an experiment (of course, subtitles are available). ^__~

    At the end, few words about the video. As you can see, it was made quite long time ago, and during these years travelled all over the russian anime-society, and moreover - through many-many 'civillians'.
    Trying to measure popularity with the number of people, who become familiar with it - yes, it can be said, that it's my most popular work (and one of most well-known russian amv either). I still sometimes meet some people, who tells me smth like "OMFG, you're really the guy, who made this?!" etc.

    Well, try to watch it, and don't forget to DOWNLOAD SUBS.

    P.S. Thanks to Orwell for encouragement in making subs. ^__^

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