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  • Member: staces
  • Studio: ^_^;; Productions
  • Title: A Thing Called Forever
  • Premiered: 2006-01-05
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    • Nina Gordon Hold Me
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  • Comments: You know, I have seen my fair share of Ayashi no Ceres AMVs and, with few exceptions, they tend to be kind of the same. It's all about the curse, and the tenyos and Aki's psuedo-incestual lust. . . But you know, underneath the maiming, and the gratutious paning of eyes, and canon-sue "everyone loves me and wants me, oh woe is me" crap, there is a love story. Aww.

    This vid has no Ceres, no violence. . .actually no ANYONE besides Touya and Aya, being all mushy and gushy. It's a romance vid, simple and clean. -^_^-

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