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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: Anime Corp
  • Title: BrEAkDaNcE
  • Premiered: 2002-08-13
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  • Song:
    • Flying Steps In Da Arena
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  • Comments: Alright
    This video was done because I wanted to do a only-action vid again.
    One day a friend of my brother came. He was a fan of breakdance-music, he listened to Flying Steps. As I heard in the arena, I thought this could work with Angelic Layer, but I hadn't seen anything but other AMVs from this anime. So I waited. Finally I got fansubs of this cool anime which I used in the AMV.
    Work was long... I worked 2 1/2 weeks on it, some parts are edited frame by frame. The whole action worked very well, altrough I hadn't to hear to any lyrics but "Dance". I've synched all the bass-effects in the song, that was nice timing work. I follwoed the storyline a bit, but only in the order of the fights, and even them are not completely in the right order. In the beginning I used clips of the first real fights, mixed how it matches, then I used semi-final fights and finally the final-fight between hikaru and athena. Angelic Layer is like some of you know so well suited with action that I could select only the best animated scenes. maybe I let a few out, but not that much. Then in the final-fight I used some color-effects so that the raise-effect comes out more. Finally I went throgh the timeline 3 times and corrected errors, then even others said it's finished.

    This Video has no or very less of the flair from angelic layer except the fights. IT'S ONLY ACTION!!!
    so be warned, some people said the music sucks, and some say the vid sucks because it has nothing else than action... after 2 minutes it's always the same. Action, Dance, Action.
    Maybe the feeling about this vid is different when you know Angelic Layer, so you get remembered in all those fights and know what they're about, otherwise it are sensless fights for a person who doesn't know the anime.

    Oh, and I was inspired by Dark Kamui's Farewell to the starry sky
    and Senta's Path of the Deus made me want to cancel... hey, I'm not that good.

    Programs used:
    Virtual Dub
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Windows Calculator *lol*

    DANCE Rating: 90 %.

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